Windows – Repair and Maintenance

One problem common with wooden windows is that they swell up in damp weather. This can result in rattling and loose windows, and can prevent the easy closing of fasteners. There are windows where there’s a casement, hinge and windows open with the help of lever, which face clogging issues. The metal lever might become dirty or grimy, preventing smooth operation of the window. Some windows, which open inside, may have problems in movement due to accumulation of silt. These issues can be fixed by regular cleaning and oiling of the parts.

Damage in Sills

A window sill is one of the most important parts of a window. On the exterior side, it prevents the accumulation of water, as it is slanted in structure. Sometimes, window sills get damaged. This allows accumulation of water near the window, damaging the walls; seepage of water inside the house and damage to the exterior frames of the window. A handyman is enough to fix this issue, to ensure the sills are firmly attached to the window or the frame.

Damages glass

Window glasses can either break or develop scratches. These are again, one of the most common issues with windows. You can hire handyman services of a company – and they can tell you the nature of the scratch. If the scratch is light, you can apply abrasive cleaner or furniture polish to fix it. If the scratches are deeper or heavier, the glass needs to be replaced. A professional can help you do this easily. He/ she will also suggest you ways to maintain your windows, in order to prevent bigger problems.

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