Why Still Use Curtains

Albeit the fact that there are already so many options when it comes to window treatments, we can’t deny that curtains still prevail in some homes and even in hotels for that matter. Well, to be honest, curtains are still very much visible almost everywhere like in offices, homes, businesses and many others. You cannot really say that they are old fashioned and they they are not just updated as the truth is, curtains are still in trend these days. In fact, there are now amazingly designed curtains that can really automatically enhance the look of your living room or rooms or even kitchens. Yes, curtains are appropriate everywhere as there are also differently designed curtains. There are drapes that are usually used in rooms and living rooms and there are also those that are just meant for the kitchen like they only cover about ¼ of the entire window.

Here are some of the best reasons why curtains are still greatly used:

© freshome.com

© freshome.com

There is no denying that blinds are indeed commendable alternatives as they can provide great window treatment solution. They are unobtrusive and they can really generate that clean look. However, they also have their own set of cons in which one of them is the fact that they generate noise when swayed by the breeze of air. And another is they have limited options when it comes to colors and designs thus they are mostly used in the office only especially if the boss is a male. With curtains, their options when it comes to designs and colors and even sizes are almost unlimited. This is because curtains are completely customizable. This means you can easily find a set of curtains that can match with the other fixtures in the area where you are planning to install them. Not only that you have almost unlimited options when it comes to their fabrics but at the same time, you also have a number of options when it comes to their poles and tracks.

They are the best tools to use when insulating your place or just your room during winter and summer. There are now ready made curtains that with double linens so that you can have them as is during winter and roll the other sheet of linen during summer. Yes they can function as two in one and though they are ready made, you can still order bespoke curtains for sure.

If your neighbors are so loud and you want to rest, then you can use the curtains to block them and their generated sounds. This is also one of the functions of curtains. They can block the outside view totally or just a part of it so that you can still what is happening in your surroundings.

So, for a more innovative look and to enhance the look of your place as well as the function, you should use curtains. You can order with your own design and colors or you can also just choose from of the already made designs as well as blend of colors by the suppliers.