Why Most Young Children Choose Hooded Towels When on a Beach

Kids simply love to play with water and have fun. And when it comes to drying them after coming out from water, they are least bothered about that. But, you can wrap them in beach towel, should you have kids hooded towels. They will gladly get covered in hooded towels, because they like them a lot. Let’s understand why children prefer hooded towels on beaches.

Creative Towels

Children get fascinated towards creative and animated things. As hooded towels are not very common, and kids have often been watching traditional and straight towels in routine use, hooded towels looks new and appealing to them.


Kids hooded towels are just like another toy to kids. As hooded towels cover their heads also, they start fantasizing themselves, as if they have become elephant, lion, rabbit or any other animal, superhuman or anything else. Their innocent minds make them playful, and they start taking hooded towels as another item of game.

Moreover, this article of game is gratifying to the parents also, and kids know that their parents won’t stop them from getting wrapped in hooded towels, and they can enjoy and play with the towel as long as they want to.

Easy to Handle

Kids are generally defiant towards the use of straight towels, because they cannot handle them on their own. As hooded part provides support to the kids, they can easily handle them, and can stay wrapped in them for longer time. They can comfortably play on the beaches, while the towel is still wrapped on their body. Its ease and comfort is simply adored by kids.