Why it is safer to install an Alarm Monitoring system

If one were to ask you exactly how much is your peace of mind worth, what would you say? It is a false belief that many homeowners have of an activated alarm system working just as well, or even better than an alarm monitoring system. But if you had to leave your house unattended, with not only your precious items in the house, but also the lives of your loved ones at stake, would you trust an alarm system that signalled a fire or the one that actually alerted the fire brigade and sent a response unit to your home?

The difference between traditional alarms and a monitoring system

Traditional alarms are more like sensors. They detect that something has gone wrong in the house and they either raise a sound or light signal to make the homeowners aware of the situation. A smoke alarm for instance, is the perfect example of a traditional alarm.

An Ipswich alarm monitoring system on the other hand is connected to a communication transmitting unit that uses existing technology like cellular networks, IP messaging, radio signals, or a combination of these methods to not only detect an alarm but also to communicate the situation to your nearest emergency centre and send a response unit to your home immediately. In most cases, the transmitting is done by a responder sitting in a central monitoring station, who then communicates with the emergency units to bring the scenario under control.

With an alarm monitoring system, you can be sure that someone will come to your aid.