Why Is An Annual Check-Up Recommended?

There are two reasons for taking your pet to the vet yearly. One is to get him his vaccination shots which will keep your pet healthy and immunized against many infections and diseases. The second, and even more vital, reason is to have your vet examine your dog properly and check for signs and symptoms of impending diseases. Even if you check your dog every day, there may be signs that you miss or misinterpret. For instance, excessive scratching because of hair fall or bad diet can be misinterpreted as a tick attack and you might try to treat it using flea powder which actually is of no use.

Also as pet lovers and owners, we are wont to giving our pets many liberties. Sweets and treats are one thing that no pet lover can deny his beloved pet, but in many cases sweets are bad for your pet’s health. In dogs, excessive sweet in their diet can cause worms and other diseases.

The verdict

As all pet lovers would say, the hassles of taking your pet every time to the vet are many but it is just something that you have to learn to live with. Your pet may get angry or anxious when he knows where you are taking him, but it is for his own good. So do not miss out on an appointment just because your pet does not like it or it costs too much. It is an important health routine and will definitely benefit your pet.

Visit a veterinary clinic as it has a natural medicine and dog training.

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