Why Choose Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is a process used by concrete cutters or drilling contractors to create an opening either to the concrete or to the earth for that matter to accomplish their purpose like if they need to install plumbing fixtures or electrical wirings. For miners, this is also used when checking if the area is worth mining. Sometimes, core drilling is also inevitable when the need to test the strength of a building is a must. This procedure is done with the use of a diamond studded tube that is mounted to a rotating shaft. The core drill used in diamond core drilling is lightweight and compact in size. It is quite versatile that can be used in a variety of core drilling situations. In most cases, this type of drilling is now preferred by the most reputable concrete cutting companies as they generate cleaner and more accurate results.

Below are more detailed advantages of utilizing diamond core drilling method:

– This type of drilling can be used in almost any types of materials and can generate accurate results as what is mentioned above. With diamond core drilling, the task will be done efficiently and quickly compared to ordinary drilling methods.

– Because this process can generate more accurate result, lesser damage or impact to the surrounding area is expected. You can expect that the task will be executed in a higher standard and though not relevant but still it also means less debris to deal with after the entire process.


– You will not be wary doing the task in any situation even when near residential establishments as the procedure is quick and do not cause disturbing noises. Thus ho angry neighbors will be expected. It just sucks when while you are doing your work which is tiring enough, you still have to be wary with the people around you.

– Because of the fact that the equipment is portable and lightweight and can even be used underwater, it means that core drilling can be done in all types of environment even in the most difficult ones like confined places and of course, underwater. There are even equipments like these that can be operated by a remote control. Indeed you can ask for anything more when it comes to core drilling tasks.

– The only thing that can be considered as a flaw or disadvantage with the diamond core drilling though is the fact that it cannot drill larger holes because of the limited sizes of drill bits. However, this can still be resolved by drilling overlapping holes so that the needed size of holes will be accomplished. Yes, aside from this problem, diamond core drilling is almost perfect.

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