When to Invest in New Wakeboarding Equipment

A CWB wakeboard is a significant investment. There are several models to choose from and you can be confused about which board to buy. There are boards for beginners that have squared edges and those with rounded edges that are used by pros. But once you do buy a board that suits your style; physique and budget; you must care for it regularly. Always rinse your board thoroughly with fresh water every time you ride it on salt water.

Store the board away from direct sunlight to prevent discolouration and warping. Before using your wakeboard, inspect it thoroughly each time. This is for your own safety as you will not want to ride a wakeboard that has developed cracks. You may have to buy a new wakeboard if you see signs of damage like warping or de-lamination in areas.

Checking the Boat

The towboat is an integral part of your wakeboarding setup. Check the condition of the towboat before hitting the water. Any unusual noise or vibration coming from the boat may indicate a damaged propeller. The boat should also move smoothly through the gears (including reverse gear) and the trim should be working properly.

If you are using the boat after a long time, be sure to check the floor and body for signs of rot. Any soft spot is an indication of mildew infestation that can spread all over if not cared for immediately. If the rot has spread far and wide, you will have to change the entire boat.

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