What you Need to Expect When Sanding Your Wooden Floors

One of the best investment that you could have for your home is the timber floor. However, regardless of how careful you are to your wooden floors, floor sanding is still necessary to keep its beauty. You need to hire a professional floor sander to do the job.

When the floor sanding team arrives in your home, you or any of your family members will be able to supervise them. You need to make sure that every corner of your home ( with timber floor ) will be covered. You should expect a 90-95% of the coverage of the floors sanded by them.

Average rate of the timber industry

The cost of installation of one square meter of timber is 23$ to 40$. The actual rate will depend upon the agency you are hiring, their quality parameters, and their expertise and of course the size and complexity of the job. The other variable factors are your geographical location and the season etc. If you get standard or premium level timber installed and supplied then the price will vary between 65$-140$. If you get parquetry supplied and installed then the price charged will vary between 100$-180$. You will have to pay extra 35$-40$ for particle and plywood board installation too.

How are these benchmarks useful?

These benchmarks are used for estimation of the quality of work done at your place in comparison to the industry benchmark. You cannot ask individual contractors to adhere to these specifications while doing their work. You can however point out the figures given above to the floor sanding experts visiting your home and ask them to follow these guidelines. It’s advisable to do a little market research before selecting an agency who is expert in sanding the floor as the quality of sanding will influence the way your floor is going to look.