What to Keep in Mind when Installing a Rainwater Tank in a Newly Built Home

When you are shifting into your newly built home you would want everything to be perfect. Installing rainwater tanks is one such thing that you can do which will yield multiple advantages. Conserve water, reduce wastage, prevent damage to drainage systems and reduce water bills by installing a good quality rainwater tank. Local precipitation rates, duration of drought spells surface area available for catchment and personal preferences will play a big role in choosing the kind of tank and the mode of installation.

Above ground and underground installations of polyethylene tanks

Polythelene tanks are a common feature in most farmhouses and outdoor garden places. If the tank has to be installed underground then you need to buy reinforced tanks which can withstand the contraction and expansion of the earth. In general these tanks are inexpensive, multi usable and last for long time. These tanks can also be installed above the ground.

Wooden tank installation

If you are house proud and aesthetic appeal is important to you then you could consider installing a wooden tank. These tanks were traditionally made up of beautiful woods like redwood or cedarwood. Modern technology has brought in a lot of other options like cedar, pine and cypress which come enhanced with steel warping. Wooden tanks come in a large variety of sizes and are generally built on the installation site by skilled workmen. Wooden tanks are always installed by above the ground processes and can be dismantled and transported o different places.