Wedding Photographers and their Tips on Trash the Dress Photography

Trash the dress wedding photography is the latest trend in taking wedding photographs prior to the wedding day. Most of the time, it only involves the couple, but in some instances, the entourage can also be included in the photo session. Wedding photographers also refer to this style as the fearless bride or rock the frock. The bride and the groom are photographed wearing their wedding attires in a very unusual venue, most of the time- outdoors. The choice of venue is dependent on the hobbies of the couple. If both of them enjoy cycling, the wedding photographers and the couple would proceed to the place where they usually go out for riding. Instead of wearing their riding gear, the couple will wear their wedding clothes and hop on their bikes for their pictures to be taken. The wedding dress will get soiled, dirty, even torn apart after the photo session. Of course, the couple will be wearing the same dress again on their wedding day. The idea of this style of wedding photography is for couples to enjoy their favorite hobbies wearing their formal wedding dress. Below are some tips from wedding photographers on how to have a successful trash the dress photo session:

1) You do not have to destroy the dress. It can get soiled, stained, and even ripped, but the dress can remain intact and wearable on your wedding day. Some wedding photographers can actually set-up de-glam scenarios so the dress can be preserved.

2) If you are not the outdoor type of a couple but you still want to go with the trash the dress photography style, the wedding photographers can help you find a place that is desolate or a place that has graffiti on the wall, among others. The setting is the name of the game when it comes to the trash the dress wedding photography.

3) Create a contrast. The couple in their clean and formal look against a backdrop of forested area or river.

4) Wedding photographers will help you turn the venue look more rugged by adding props and accessories like driftwoods, stones laden with algae, among others.

5) Hire make-up artists on the day of the trash the dress photo shoot because you need to have water and sweat-proof make-up in order to look glamorous in your wedding clothes while doing your favorite outdoor activity or amidst an unusual and rustic venue.

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