Package Inclusion of Wedding Catering Services

catering-service2   A wedding reception is better and easier to hold when wedding catering services are asked to be a part of the planning as they will be the people responsible for providing the food and drink for the clients and their guests. There are packages that wedding catering melbourne offer to their clients which will allow them to save money for a bundled service which will not only help the clients enjoy more from the money they invested but more hands that can help during the wedding would be very much appreciated. Typical items and services included in wedding catering packages

Wedding cake

Wedding catering services often have it in their packages to offer a wedding cake that the bride and groom might wish to have. Like every other bake shops, wedding cakes from a catering team will come in tiers with white frosting with a topper of a bride and groom on the top tier. The cake will come in several flavors that their client such as chocolate, butter or mocha just to name a few and if the wedding cakes are indeed available, the wedding catering business may offer the bride and groom a taste test so it can help decide on which flavor they should go with for their wedding cake.

Food and drink of choice by the clients

Another important inclusion in the wedding catering packages offered by caterers is the food and drink.  Caterers will follow a meal component and their food they offer to clients will be placed under the categories of entrée, appetizer, soup or salad, the main dish and finally the dessert. These different types of food will be chosen one by one by the client, each representing from the group of the meal component. The food will then be estimated to a limited number of people to make sure that it the food is enough for everybody.

Preparation and serving of the food

It is part of the wedding catering package for the catering team to attend to the preparation of the food as well as the serving of the food to the guests. When a catering business has been chosen, the bride and groom would give the catering team they have chosen will be given access to the area in order for them to set the cooked food on the table as well as keep the drinks cool so that when everybody comes back from the wedding ceremony, everybody can enjoy the party with the food and drinks ready to be consumed.

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