Wardrobe Essentials Every Working Executive Must Have

If you are a working executive, formal clothes suitable for office wear or business meets comprise the most essential clothes in your wardrobe. It is but natural for you to want to flaunt different styles and colours each day of the week; however, budgetary limitations may force you to restrict yourself. So how do you manage to look fresh and stylish each day at work without going bankrupt on clothes and accessories? The best way is to visit a premier clothing store such as RM  Clothing and select a few essentials that can then be mixed and matched accordingly.

Working Executive Must-have Essentials – Men

A few complete business suits are a must-have for any working executive. Navy blue and charcoal grey are the most common and safe colours for office or business purpose. You can also invest in a few blazers in lighter fabrics so that you can wear them throughout the year.

At least three pairs of trousers in different shades of black, gray or khaki is an absolute must and these should match well with your blazer. Executive shirts look best in solid colours such as white, off-white or French blue. The shirts should be properly maintain so that they look clean and crisp and complement your trousers perfectly.

You will also need a few ties just to add some colour and break the monotony of corporate dressing. Solid colours are the safest while informal prints (cartoons or flashy images) are definitely not permissible.

Last but not least, do pay attention to the type of shoes you wear to office or business meets. The wrong shoe will definitely spoil your entire look. The classic black shoe is the best as it is most versatile in terms of colour and style. Later on, you can add tan, brown or camel shades to your shoe closet.