Virtual Offices: Pros and Cons


The world is different from the one our parents and grandparents remember. We have evolved into a generation to whom technology and social media play a key role in society; one that finds fairly easier to connect to someone a thousand miles away across the world than to prepare a meal. The Internet has led us to live in a virtual world, where things are instantaneous and, more importantly, intangible.


It is not only our private lives that have changed; jobs are not as they used to be either. The fact that a person gets paid for playing videogames and uploading their recordings to Youtube is good proof of that. The comforts we find in the online reality, accompanied by its simplicity, have resulted in thousands of companies and businessmen moving their headquarters to virtual offices. However, regardless the numerous benefits working from home may signify, there are a few drawbacks not to ignore.


The first reason that every home-based business manager will agree upon is the price. Directing a virtual office is considerably cheaper than managing a real one. All the costs related to maintenance and daily services such as illumination, water and heating are reduced to their minimum. Moreover, the demand of office supplies decreases exponentially as they are used more carefully and less frequently.


Another advantage that virtual offices Sydney bring to the table is the expandability potential. Different to an office building, the web is infinite and it takes less effort filing and organizing documents, which makes the expansion of a business much more possible. International investors are one click away and global fame depends only on how much your product is advertised online, rather than on the subway station. In this case, the sky is not the limit… because there is not one.


And if that was not enough, picture yourself going to work on a bathrobe and slippers only a few steps from your bedroom. No suits, no infinite trips, and no traffic jams! Working home allows people to do things at their own pace and in unique comfort. Nevertheless, conducting your duties from a home desk may become a tremendously challenging task if you do not live alone. Constant distractions and disruptions are the price to pay when you trade cubicles for couches.


Notwithstanding the above, the most evident drawback of a virtual office is precisely that… it is virtual. Your living room will not always suffice as a conference room and clients might not be very appreciative of that. And, although some people recur to renting for occasional use of a physical facility, it will never be their space. Sometimes a landlord may represent as much trouble as a wasp in an ear, and using the space in not-beforehand-arranged times may result impossible.


A home office will never be exempt of obstacles and traditional job spaces may be a must for some people, but when it comes to cons and pros, a virtual working environment appears to be attracting more and more supporters every day.