Video Viewing

Corporate video production is the conveying of audio and visual messages in order to communicate mass material to the video viewers in a concise shot. A corporate video production is initially intended usually for a selected audience. Knowing the type of audience in which the video will be played for is important for the entire production. For the audience influences and affects the outcome and are the ones in which the corporation is achieving to impress. The vivacious videos should include the business’s product, and any other promotional or informative videos. There are a few steps in which to take when filming corporate videos. These steps include:

  • Pre-production- this consists of brainstorming ideas, writing and developing scripts, and storyboarding. Any questions about budgets and payments will also be discussed and negotiated prior to production.


  • Video-production- this is the actual coming-together of all of the ideas the company and the client wish to convey. It includes a set, props and filming is begun with a film crew, producers, directors, actors and/or narrators.


  • Postproduction this is the finished filmed product. The corporate video production has been complete and is now ready for reviewing and editing. During this process, editors may accumulate further ideas and decide to place additional animations, graphics, and compose music or a theme.

Furthermore there are a couple more ways in which to enhance the quality of the video and the quantity of the video viewers.

  • Remember the market- never losing site of which your market is allows you to formulate videos specifically targeted for a certain type of audience. Marketing is all about advertising and selling your product and preparation in positioning your market area allows you to do so. Your product or service should appeal to that market and allow the audience to form their own decisions of the service, which you are selling.


  • Get straight to the point- a corporate video production cannot include all of the information in which you wish your audience to marvel at, however it should include all of the main key points and just enough, for them to further research your product and be more informed of it. Ensure that there is a balance between adding things in and leaving things out.


  • Connect with your viewer- the only way to keep an audience enticed, and constantly watching is by forming a connection with them. Whether it may be an emotional connection or a visual one, ensure that your video is compelling and captivates the viewers so much so, that they have to replay it. Keep in mind also, that most purchases are made by first impressions of a product, therefore your corporate video is immensely important.


  • Persuasion is pertinent- Always remember to win the customer over. They are the main focus, not the corporation. The corporate video’s main purpose is positioning their selves to persuading the purchaser. The corporate video production should be initially written from the client’s perspective in the pre-production. Provide people with what they want to see, hear and purchase.

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