time-Uses of Time Lapse Camera Outdoor

Time lapse photography is a great way to present the passing of time. It is a technique in photography where the sequence is shown and the changes that go with it. The images that are captured in the time lapse camera outdoor are slower as compared when it is time for viewing. For instance, there are only three images that are captured for every second, but if the camera will be played back, the images will increase from three to about twenty-four per second. Sequences that are taken from time lapse camera outdoor are the blossoming of flowers from a bud to a fully-opened flower.


Photo Credit : http://voltaicsystems.com/

Where it is used

1) This area in photography is used in the mining and construction sectors. The progress of the job can be closely monitored because it can be easily accessed through a 3G network. In case there are untoward incidents, such as accidents, the time lapse camera outdoor can be viewed and make necessary changes to avoid another incident from happening again.

2) This is also used for recording, especially in areas where scientific method is employed. The experimenters can monitor the sequence. For instance, if there is a need to record the growth of a plant species. The time lapse camera can be used for months or even a year to record the sequence.

3) For remote project management. The progress of a project can be viewed from a remote area. It saves time and travel expenses. Issues can be easily addressed because of this feature of a time lapse camera outdoor.

Employers can view the going-on in the field.

Features of time lapse camera outdoor

1) 3G internet connection- you can view the time lapse camera from your desktop computer or other devices. The images are uploaded on your website so you can monitor the job progress, say, the camera is installed on a job site, like construction area.

2) Weather protection- the time lapse camera ii encased for protection. Weather disturbances such as rain, strong winds, and too much sunlight will not cause damage to the camera.

3) Hi resolution images- the images that are captured from the time lapse camera are clear and crisps and you can easily download the pictures to your computer.

4) Solar powered- no need to worry about battery getting low because the time lapse camera outdoor is powered by solar. The images are continuously captured and you can monitor each sequence.