Typical Forklift Safety Checklist

Wearing the right clothing is one of the most underestimated aspects while operating the fork lifts. The operators may not pay much attention to the type of clothing they wear but it should be handled with cautiousness. Make sure that you never wear any loose fitting clothes while operating the lifting machines.

Checking all the equipment

The forklifts should be thoroughly inspected before its operation. All the gears and parts involved in the lifting mechanism should be checked following the standard inspection procedure. If any problem persists, the person in charge should be immediately informed so that he can call the repairing guys to fix it up. Also the repairing should be done only by qualified technicians. Daily checks should also feature in the checklist, even while it is not being used during that time.

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Starting off the machine

After completing the initial checks, the next thing left to do is to get it started. Make sure that you get yourself a comfortable seating position and that you don’t have to struggle to get your hands on any controls. All the levers must be in the limits of your reach. The rear view mirrors should also be checked and adjusted if needed. Also you must make sure that all your body parts are well within the confined space before getting the engine started. Any part of the body left outside the operating chamber may get seriously injured if it comes in contact with other things outside.

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