Types of Reinforcing Mesh

A reinforcement mesh is a kind of metal mesh fabric, fabricated from wire and welded in the form of a mesh, the material being prefabricated steel reinforcement. The mesh is designed in a square or rectangular grid pattern in the form of flat or laminar sheets. Reinforcement mesh sheets are generally made in the size 6m long x 2.4m wide as standard and all suppliers make their reinforcement mesh based on internationally accepted standards so that the meshes can be easily procured in case of any damage to it, and replaced with the original manufacturer’s specifications, where the reinforcement mesh has been specified or outlined on house plans.

Although concrete is extensively used in the construction of commercial buildings, it still has a major limitation. It has a very weak tension, not enough to bear the weight and shocks of usage over time. That is why reinforcement sheets are used in tandem with concrete, to give it the stability and thus greater strength. The wires that are used in the manufacturing of such mesh have high tension. Reinforcing Mesh is used curved structures like domes and flat elements like floors alike and it also gives a scope for extra savings of money, time and labour, thus putting it at an advantageous position over tied rebar.

Rectangular Reinforcing Mesh

This type of mesh is used in cases where there is an uneven requirement of strength along the flat element. These are used in thin concrete elements, again, like floor slabs and walls. They have rectangular spacing between the wires that are the same as that above (D500L) and come in standardized sizes of 6m x 2.4m. A standard variation is the 100mm x 200mm one.