Tips on Picking the Right Curtain colours for your Living Room

The right curtains can do wonders for your living room by giving it an instant lift. No amount of expensive flower vases and exquisite furniture can make a room look good if the curtains are not proper. There are some proud homeowners who have curtains to represent every season in their living room. To buy the perfect Curtains Perth, you need to get an idea about colour coordination and colour mixes.

The art of colouring

There is a science which goes behind the talent of choosing perfect curtain colours. You can start of considering that your room is in a 60*30*10 ratio. This essentially means that the walls take up 60% and the furniture takes up 30%. The remaining 10% is taken up by flowers, rugs, pillows etc. The ground rule is to ensure that 60+30 remains in the same palette of colours while the remaining 10 can compliment.

Dig up some facts about the colour wheel from the internet and study it. See which shades of colour your living room walls have and then choose curtain colours accordingly. Remember to factor in some choices for the individual colour preferences of you and your family.

Another nature inspired principle you could follow is to choose curtain colours that are lighter in shades than those on the wall. This is so because in nature the sky is always in lighter colors than the grass, earth, trees so this is the way humans are taught to appreciate the colour scheme. Good interior decorators always prefer using darker shades in the lower part of the room.

Having a grand piano in your living room can surely add an elegant atmosphere in it.

Aside from selecting the right curtains for your living room, you can also add carpet for the floors.