Tips on Matching the Bridal Bouquet with Your Wedding Dress

Bridal bouquets are as important for bride as bridal gowns are. Colour and type of flowers you choose for bridal bouquet are capable of speaking millions of unspoken words.

So you have to be very judicious about their selection and instead of waiting for the last minute to approach; you should start planning for them many days in advance.

Type of Flowers

Along-with colour of flowers, type of flowers you choose for bouquet is also very significant. For selecting the type of flowers, you can go along with your personal choice, for instance, choose your favourite flowers.

That being said, time of your wedding should be in alignment with the availability of your loved flowers. In case you don’t get your loved flowers, choose seasonal flowers going well with your wedding dress.

Size of Bouquet

Size of bouquet also has to be appropriate. Always remember that the size of bouquet in your hand should not be bigger than the size of your waist. Bouquet having size bigger than your waist will not appear good in your wedding pictures.

Size of Flowers

Along-with the size of bouquet, you should also be vigilant about the size of flowers. Make sure that flowers used in the bouquet are not too small. In addition to that, bouquet should have comfortable base.

As you are supposed to hold the bouquet in your hand for the entire day, it’s very crucial that it should be comfortable. Besides that, ensure that the flowers in bouquet don’t hide the exquisite and magnificent design of your dress.

For bridal bouquet ideas, view here.

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