Tips on Choosing a Good Business Card Template for your Company

A business card is a form of advertisement of your business and needs to tug on to the emotions of the target customers. It must be noted that business cards are statements about yourself and the company and needs to attract and retain the attention of the viewer. Many use the cards as a form of announcement and there is not a greater self promotional tool which says more about your business and self. A business card is a presentation and a catalogue for your products and gives the customer an idea about your competence. Choose a design that best reflects your company

You can use a design with pictures and bright colours to attract the attention of the customer. For a customer who handles hundreds of cards, there should be some incentive to remember your card. Let the card be your differentiator which would make you stand out from the crowd. Bright colours and emotionally attractive pictures resonate with people and they remember you and your company for a long time. But take care that you do not go overboard in making the card too tacky that people feel repulsed by the design.

Try to do something extraordinary

You can choose a business card design that folds as a catalogue with product pictures, specification or even has details about your firm. Studies have pointed out that vertical cards have greater recall value and become a standalone product from the many horizontal cards. You can choose cards of varying shapes and diameters which would make the receiver to take a second look.

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