Tips for Writing a Patent Application

Patent applications are written to get claim over the unique inventions you have made. Your application should be based on a thorough survey and study. Before filing an application, you need to be sure, about the non-existence of any such invention before; it should be distinctive and irreplaceable. Hire a patent lawyer to help you with your application.

Broad or Narrow Claim

Your claim for patent can be categorised into two parts, broad and narrow claim. Both these claims cannot coexist in the application. It has to be either of them. Narrow claim is more descriptive; to the point and asserts a strong claim. Contrary to that, broad claim has many other claims embedded in it. Any of them can be entitled to get legal authority of copyright.


The composition of patent application has been divided into three parts, preliminary or opening part, frame of the claim and the connection between opening part and frame of the claim.

The preliminary part provides the general introduction such as title and the purpose of invention. Body of the claim comprises of all the proofs and elements, supporting the purpose. Linking part connects the introduction part with frame of the claim.

List of Drawings

Insert your drawings, and allocate diagram numbers to them. Give detailed descriptions of the drawings, explaining different parts, features and functions etc. Refer to diagrams, to explain certain parts of patent application, which you find difficult to explain in words. Diagrams can speak millions of unspoken words; always put clean drawings in the application.

For patent application, contact professional Australian Patent attorneys for legal advise.