Tips for Wearing Stripes

Stripes are a common cloth design that has also found its way to other mediums like shoes, bags and the sorts. Women in general tend to avoid stripes because they often feel that stripes make them look wider, especially if they are horizontally placed. However, with the right cloth cut and accessories you can actually beat that myth.

Depending on your body structure, your shoes, bags and even hair style, stripes can actually compliment your entire attire. Furthermore, stripes make for the ideal summer and casual wear.

The choice between horizontal and vertical

As previously mentioned, women shoppers often avoid horizontal stripes because they believe it makes them look wider. Although this is not entirely true, a lot truthfully depends on the kind of dress and cut or style too.

If you want to go in for some outfits that sport exciting stripes, you have to start by making the right choice between horizontal or vertical ones. Try on potential outfits and see what compliments you and what doesn’t. Even if you like a particular top that sports horizontal stripes, you can easily wear it off if it is well fitting and made of a light material. Stripes in light colour combinations will not give the impression that you are any wider.

When adding striped clothing to your wardrobe, always ensure that you have an assortment of pieces to mix and match with. This will create a better and more stylish impression on the whole. For instance, a striped jacket teamed with a plain coloured top can actually be a good option.


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