Tips for Search Engine Optimisation for mobile devices

It has been predicted that mobile search will overtake desktop search by the year 2015, and therefore no search optimisation exercise is complete without optimising it for mobile devices as well. But it has largely been treated as a niche that you can neglect. That is no more the case, and listed here are a few tips to help you through the process.

The first thing do is to optimize your website for the mobile device your visitors are using. If the visitor is going to get annoyed with your page, all the good experience he had on desktop will go to waste. Understand that Google already has a separate crawler for mobiles, so will other search engines soon. This implies that searches on mobile phone and desktop will work more and more independent of each other.

Another important thing is to use the features a mobile provides of the website that opens on the phone. Things like “click to call our representative” and a store locator that would direct the user to nearest store based on his location are a sure shot way to both do search optimisation for mobile devices and to enhance the user experience. Contact the best SEO company Sunshine Coast.

Sears provides a feature to scan bar codes when in any store and check if the product is available with Sears, and at what price. This allows them to target the user exactly when he wants to make a purchase, and the increased traffic because of this feature has a positive impact of the ranking in search results.  Think of such standout features for you mobile website.

Use data based on the landing pages to figure out what the users are searching for on different device. Remember that mobile and desktop users think differently, and therefore search differently. Once you are able to segregate the keywords for each of the platforms, you will be able to perform search optimisation better for each of the devices.

Anyone using a mobile device to visit your website is giving you much more information than a desktop user. You should be using this to make the website more helpful for the visitor. At the very minimum you know his location and the time of the day, this should help you localize the whole experience for him. Additionally, you will also know the exact device he is using – if you have analyzed your users, you can make educated guess about what will appeal to a iPad user vis-à-vis a budget android phone user. Use this information and see more conversions to your product.

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