Tips for Corporate Party Food Planning

Plan for how you would like the food to be served as well. Will it be a buffet self serve style or a buffet with waiting staff serving people as they queue up. This will determine the catering equipments you will be needing.

Do not forget the beverages section for your guests. You can plan for a separate region for drinks with a bartender if needed.

Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the menu

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are far cheaper than the out of season varieties and this is a good reason to include them in the menu. Splurging on expensive dishes made of out of season items will only cost you more, and the amount of food wasted will not be worth the price you pay.

Throw a lunch party instead

A luncheon is generally more casual than a dinner event. The whole idea of a dinner party with its black tie formalities and formal dressing means that one automatically expects a classy atmosphere and high end catering service. If you keep it limited to a luncheon, people’s expectations are somewhat lowered.

Opt for business casual rather than business formal

As stated above, a casual party has the liberty to be well, casual! If you explicitly call your corporate party a business casual event, you will have to deal with far less hassles of organizing for a top notch formal business party.

Limit the alcohol

A free flowing bar is every party-goers’ dream but it is also heavy on the wallet. Do away with the alcohol if you can – a luncheon needn’t necessarily have alcohol. Serve fresh fruit juice instead. The other alternative is to get in touch with a caterer and limit the alcohol to a two drink maximum and have only few options to choose from.

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