Tips For Cleaning And Unblocking Downpipes

Without a doubt, downpipes play an important role at home and it is essential that you follow the right cleaning and home maintenance practices to so you can prevent blocked downpipes. Unfortunately, since you only pay little attention to the downpipe, you often end up looking for a plumber when the problem gets worse. As much as possible, you should make regular cleaning and inspection a habit so you will not spend vast amounts of money on replacement or major repairs.

What you should keep in mind to ensure downpipe is in good condition?



Normally, the downpipe is inspected once every six months and this is to make sure that it remains in good working condition and unblocked. You can also prevent faster build up when you carefully observe regular cleaning and inspection. If the plumber considers your downpipe blocked, some solutions will be provided to prevent the same issue from happening. These solutions will give you a guarantee that the pipes are kept clear.  The plumber will remove blockages that often deter water from flowing smoothly. A drainage rod is often needed for the process to ensure that blockage is cleared. Usually, the process does not take long as the draining rod can remove blockage in a few minutes.

Although some homeowners may attempt fixing plumbing issues with the downpipe, it is still recommended that you call a professional plumber because the job can be risky. You can also consider self-cleaning but make sure that you wear gloves when removing debris. A pressure washer may also do the trick and this can be rented from a local supply store. For you to reach areas inside your down pipe, you will need the lance portion of your unit. When using pressure washer for cleaning a down pipe, see to it that you start from the bottom. You will also have to work in small sections as this ensures that the area is clean and free of blockage.

You should also take note that the manner you unblock the down pipe will greatly depend on the kind of material it is made of. However, one thing is for sure and that is you need to put safety as your top priority when unblocking your down pipe. Down pipes are considered essential and they are as equally important as other parts of your home. The plumber can also provide you some sound tips on how you can keep blockage and other issues with the downpipe at bay.

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