Tips for Choosing Hand Basin for Your Bathroom

You have built a house that you have always dreamed of. In it, along with many other things, has an exquisite bathroom. Now, bathroom vanities play an important role, and hand basins, without an ounce of doubt, come at the top of the list. And choosing the right type of hand basin could be a bit tricky. Visit a warehouse and you will see a wide variety of hand basins at display. It is important you choose them carefully.


The most important thing to consider while choosing hand basins is how it will be mounted and installed. There are several ways to mount them:

Basin and Cabinet

In this type of installation, the sink sits in or on top of a counter. It is a part of vanity unit. This is very easy to install, but the only disadvantage is that you can’t choose the countertop material since it is connected to the existing plumbing. Make sure you have enough space for Bathroom Vanity in Melbourne.

Top Mount

In this type of installation, hand basin is mounted on top of a counter. This allows sufficient space around the basin and cabinetry. With this type of installation, you have a variety of sizes and shapes to choose from. If it is a simple guest bathroom, you can choose a small hand basin for washing hands. If it is a big bathroom in a master suite, you can choose a larger basin that is more generous and stylish. This type of hand basin, too, is easy to install.

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