Tips for Buying Men’s Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are best fit, with both formal and casual dresses such as jeans. If matched perfectly with dressy business suit, you can get an amazing and impressive professional look.

Men’s dress shoes come in different rich colours such as black, burgundy, chestnut, brown, cordovan and sometimes in white also. Oxford shoes generally have non-rubber sole with low lacing. These shoes are simple without much adornment.

Comfortable Shoes

Oxford shoes, no doubt offers a wide variety of unique and stylish shoes. But never undermine your comfort, before buying your shoes. Depending upon style, some oxford shoes reach to ankles. So, make sure that the material used in the shoes, is not causing any irritation or discomfort to you while walking.

Consider Material

Though traditional oxford shoes used to come in leather only, but now they are available in variety of materials such as, cotton, suede, denim or wool. While buying shoes, always remember that the material used in the shoes should not be hard for your feet. Besides that, they should be easy to clean and polish.

For Office Use

For official use, black coloured oxford shoes are perfect, as they go with almost all the formal suits. There should be no embellishment on the shoes.

Always remember, that shoes to be worn for official purpose should not be very pointed, too round or too straight from the tips. They should have wing tips and should be constructed in closed lace fashion.

The sole of shoes should be thin and they should not have a heavy base.

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Always wear good sports shoes when using a treadmill to avoid knee injury.

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