Things to Keep in Mind when Ordering New Drink Fridges and Cool Rooms

If you own/manage a restaurant, supermarket or cafe then choosing a good refrigeration system for storing your beverages is a necessity. It’s not enough to stack your wine and juice bottles in your regular fridge along with several other food items. Firstly the smell of cooked and uncooked food items may interfere with the wine flavor even if the bottles are sealed. Secondly there is a high chance of the bottles getting damaged during handling.

Buying pizza and sandwich chillers

If you own a bistro or cafe with limited space options then a pizza chiller will be a good option. These chillers are designed to hold a number of bakery products and to give easy and efficient access to the staff. If you want to display your amazing sandwich options to your customers then you can choose chillers with inbuilt display sides. Depending upon the volume of customers visiting your establishment every day you can choose pizza and sandwich freezers with one/two or three units. This kind of refrigerator is also useful if you own or operate a bakery.

Invest in a chest freezer and or Drink Fridges

If you buy a chest freezer that has a solid stainless steel top attached to it you get to utilise this device both as a freezer and a work-bench. This option is ideal for places which have limited floor area. If you are keeping a selection of frozen yoghurt, cold desserts ad ice cream in your food and beverage outlet then you can choose chest freezers with a curved top display or a designer glass lid. The lids are easily sliding and you can gain easy access to the contents. Choose from a wide variety of volumes from 300l to 700 liters.

Look at the design

When you are buying drink fridges obviously you would want customers to look at your beverage display. Modern beverage manufacturers package their offerings in attractive bottles so make sure that the drink fridges are as god looking as the contents you decide to keep in them. Your drink fridges need to be quite too as customers will be put off by the constant whirring sound produced by the commercial refrigeration system.