Things to Do while on a Fiji Holiday

There are so many interesting fun time activities to do while you are in a beautiful place in the Pacific, Fiji. There are activities for those seeking adventure, for those who just want to have a quite time and commune with nature, and activities for kids, too. You can look for Fiji holiday deals that will perfectly fit your budget and your personality. Fiji is also the most romantic destination for couples. The couple will feel secluded in a place that has picturesque background, richness of flora and fauna, and spend the hours just being in the company of each other. Listed below are just some of the things that you can do when you are on a Fiji holiday.

Viti Levu

Fiji is composed of three hundred thirty three islands and the largest is the Viti Levu. You can visit an orchid sanctuary and witness for yourself the beautiful blooms, be enchanted with the varying colors, and the refreshing scents of orchids. You can also see Bures (traditional Fijan homes) with glass walls.

Beqa island

When on a Fiji holiday, try to visit Beqa Island which is famous for its one hundred dive sites. You will see why Fiji is called the soft coral capital of the planet earth because you will witness various marine life animals such as seahorses, ghost pipefish, among others. The Beqa Island is also where the Sawau tribes live and they are known for fire-walking.

Shop for pearls

Bring home some pearls if you are on a Fiji holiday. The Savusavu Bay is home to cultured pearls and you can find many beautiful jewelry designs decked with pearls.

The falls of Taveuni

This waterfall should never be missed. You’d be in awe once you see the sixty foot horsetail of crystal white water that flows into a pool that can be accessed from a grassy trail. This is also known as the Garden of Eden because of the beautiful orchids, tree ferns from the prehistoric times, among others. If you are on a Fiji holiday, never miss dipping in this refreshing pool.

Taste lairo crabs

At one of the islands called Qemea, the Lairo is very abundant. Lairo is a land crab species that is very tasty and juicy. From the months of November to January, the Lairo breeds and can be seen on the shoreline. Hunt for Lairo when you are on a Fiji holiday and taste the goodness of this land crab which is only available in Fiji.

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