The Top Trends in Hardwood Flooring

Wooden flooring is used in homes while keeping authenticity in mind and some options commonly chosen are distressed floors which are replicates of historian flooring. These flooring can also be made from unusual tree species which are available from unique places in the world or even different choices of bamboo or cork.

Wooden flooring is offered the look of hand-made by using draw knives. These knives are flat blades which are joined together with two handles. The crafter is able to scrape thin strips of wood with a piece of lumber so the top surface is smooth. However, some scraping marks are left on the wooden flooring which gives an authentic look. These marks which are considered as handscraped marks are quite common. You can also walk barefoot on it and you can feel some variations in the surface.

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Material of Wood

Engineered wood consists of layers of wood which offer a cost effective durable wooden flooring option. It can be used in high moisture content rooms as well. The range is awesome in terms of colours or styles and you can choose it to be unfinished or pre-finished.

Cork Tiles are a good option for public places as they are easy to clean and offer a modern look. This engineered wooden flooring has a top layer made from a cork oak tree bark.

Therefore, the trends in the wooden flooring are changing constantly and new designs and looks are introduced for the final finish of the flooring. However, the authenticity remains the main criteria for most homeowners.

Now with so much information at your disposal selecting the right kind of wooden flooring is a lot simpler, right?

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