The Japanese Style for Your Bathroom Design

The Japanese are known for their passion for art. Wooden vanities are widely used. The wood used is mostly very light in weight. Natural bamboo shoots and smooth textured stones from the river add serenity to the whole atmosphere. The Japanese décor is very soothing   for the nerves. Buy Bathroom products  and  accessories here.

The ritual of bathing is important in both the Chinese and Japanese culture. There is a spiritual aspect attached to this. Shinto, a religion whose origin can be traced to Japan, has always stressed on the fact that water purges the soul too.

So a Japanese bath tub can lend new grace to the bathroom. Having a bath in these tubs is very relaxing. It creates better blood circulation. Thehuman heart too gets a new lease of life. Painful joints too get a relief.

A Japanese style toilet is small. It is a technology driven wonder. Apart from the regular features some of them have an iPod shelf.

Decorative Pieces

On a trip to any Asian country people can always buy handcrafted things like candles, lanterns, and beautiful statues.  A lot of art works are available on the streets.  These can be used to create a graceful and warm look for your house.


Adding a splash of colour breaks the monotony. Colours like purple, black, green creates a vibrant atmosphere.


Hardwoods like teak and rosewood can be used.   Laminates with floral prints can be used. Buying Wooden floors in Ipswich can be achieved through this.

Use of Natural Elements

A tiny bonsai tree and a beautiful fountain can change the entire look of the place. A small statue of a smiling Buddha can add positive vibe to the whole atmosphere.

Bathroom designs are an integral part of the house.  The warm Asian grace can refresh the mind and body. Check affordable Bathroom vanities in Brisbane.