The Gold Coast

Without a doubt, the leading coastal tourism destination in Australia is the Gold Coast. It is a sandy coast consisting of 8 beaches, and running a total of 37 km between Southport and Coolangatta. A great many high rise apartments, hotels and surfers beachside holiday apartments can be found next to the beach. The Gold Coast highway, which runs parallel to almost the entire coast, has seen all-out tourist development.


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The Gold Coast, with its most popular beach Surfers Paradise, has always been Brisbane’s surfers’ coast. Its popularity and fairly hazardous surf resulted in creation of first surf life-saving club at Coolangatta in 1911. This was followed by another club being setup at Southport in 1912. Today the coast has a total of 21 surf life-saving clubs. Only Sydney has more surf life-saving clubs watching over the surfers.

Today the Gold Coast not only attracts the local population from Brisbane-Logan City, but also tourist from rest of Australia and the world at large. The increased number of surfers and swimmers means that the pressure to keep them safe has increased as well. The Gold Coast City Council now maintains 28 lifeguard stations, multiple vehicle patrols and even a helicopter rescue service.

All this is the reason why this is, as the name suggests, paradise for the surfers. The Gold Coast Highway has long been providing access to the many thousands of tourists who are attracted here all year long. The most suited accommodation for young surfers is to be found among the many widely popular surfers beachside holiday apartments.

One can find holiday apartments not only in the midst of the cities where the tourists may want to spend most of their time, but also away from the hustle and bustle of the city allowing them a peaceful stay with a soothing view of the beach.

The best accommodation can be found along the longest stretch of sand that runs for 16kms from the Nerang entrance to the South Nobby headland. This is also a good stop for family holiday as with 8 lifesaving clubs and 16 lifesaver towers this is as safe a beach as any with surfing could be. It is among the most accessible beaches in Australia and has a humongous range of facilities.

The holiday apartments available here can become the base camp for a family looking for a fun vacation along the Gold Coast. These are both reasonably priced and comfortable to stay at.