The Commercial Story Of Coffee Beans

Although coffee originally grew in the rain forests of Ethiopia, due to trade the bean was eventually taken to the European nations, Americas and Arabia.

Coffee dates back several years and there are several versions of the story as to who discovered the drink and how.

The European influence eventually led to commercial coffee being grown in Australia in the late 19th century. The beans were of a superior quality and highly appreciated in the European markets.

However, the eventual rise in labour costs, land problems and the sorts led to a decline in the growth of the crop. Other countries like Brazil, Central America, Indonesia, etc. started growing better beans and more quantities of it.

Years later, during the 1980s the industry was again stepped up with the introduction of better machine harvesting systems. The reduction in costs led to growth of more quantities of the crop with administrative ease.

This is when the Australian really began competing with coffee beans. The natural weather conditions and hygienic surroundings ensure that the crop is always well poised for growth.

Today, locals may prefer their own home grown brands although connoisseurs may still opt for special Arabica beans or authentic Greek products sometimes. One can find several different kinds of coffee powders and beans around Australia.

The biggest imports come from Europe and the Central America region. The growth of coffee in Australia is largely influenced by the constant demand of both the domestic and international market.

Today, one can safely say that coffee is as much a home drink to Australians as it is to any European or American across the world.

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