The Art of Carpet Cleaning

Expressing our artistic side is not just through painting, dancing, singing, sculpturing, writing, but it can also be through cleaning. There is an art to it. Just keep in mind that if you love doing something, your art comes to life by putting heart into it. We believe that when you love your home, you see to it that it is clean and every details of it are unstained. Is carpet cleaning an art then?

If art has purposes, like the painter’s reason of using black instead of white, or the dancer slowly swaying to the wild beat of the music, carpet cleaning has purposes too. So with the cleaning our carpet, it is an art. It involves planning and imagining what would be the result. Though carpet is mostly ignored by visitors, it is just stepped on by different shoes; it still serves for the benefit of the house owners as well as the visitors. Consequently, when a person does the cleaning as if he is painting his masterpiece, the result will definitely be great. The result will be visible to one’s eyes. People will notice the cleanliness of your carpet and your home. Remember, the cleanliness of a home reflects the owner.

For an instance, art adorned churches communicated religious beliefs to worshipers. Arts are the perfect media that teaches and persuades others. When it comes to cleaning the carpet as an art, it also communicates an impression of reputation and sanitation. The owner may not be aware of the effects of the unstained carpet to the visitors. Some people may come to think of doing the same—keeping the carpet clean. Carpet that is well-cleaned can persuade others not to overlook it because it gives a good impression and an indication of social status of the owner.

Same with the cleaning, it gives us delight when we finally see the result of it. Not only has it given delight to the one who does the cleaning, but also to the people who happen to notice the result of it. Carpet cleaning, therefore, is an art. It has artistic purposes that you might still not know. You may be thinking that cleaning the carpet is an added work to your heaps of load, but no; it is an expression of self, of passion. Come to think of it, your artistic expression will magnify the cleanliness of your home.

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