Surfboard shaping- A process which determines the success

Surfing is one among the passionate water sport events, which make almost everyone who are watching them to loosen their jaws. That is one fantastic sport which can put all in thrill and adventure. It seems the Polynesians were the first to surf. The highlight of that sport is the accessory used in it. The Surfing board matters a lot to the surfers. It is a long platform which is relatively light yet very strong to support the sports person. It helps them stand while riding through the fierce waves. Hence, the Surfboard shaping almost has the extreme importance in the event.



The surf board is considered the magic board which makes miracles happen. It is often the shape of the surfboard that makes sense and creates difference. Since, waves approach with different speed and inertia, the shapes of surfboards are to be watched carefully. For instance, for lower waves, shorter, wider boards can be used.  Though surf boards are generally made of wood, modern surf board uses improvised materials like polyurethane or Styrofoam, for varied achievements. After that, shapers engage in to shape the boards with different kind of tools and the process is called Surfboard Shaping.

The process of Surfboard shaping is almost a challenge. Time and determination factors are much required to shape them. Some people compare the shaping process similar to the process of sculpting. It is rather considered as an art. Care should be taken to avoid over shaping the boards. Attentions have to there regarding three characteristics, while choosing a surfboard. They are Outline, Size and Rocker. The one who is specialized in shaping the board with all the required qualities is called Surfboard shapers in a professional view.

Still traditional methods for the process Surfboard shaping are prevalent. They use bits of juicy wood as the core for the surfboard whereas the modern shapers use fibreglass and foam to make them perfectly assuring high performance quality of the boards. The Polynesians, who surfed first, seems to have used the tree logs and woods in making them. The raw materials used for Surfboard shaping includes polyester resins and laminated layers of resin a fibre glass. The woods used in manufacturing processes include woods like basswood, redwood or spruce. The tools used to mould the board are shaping blocks, stringer planers, shapers barrel, profile machine and electric planners.

Finally, after the shaping processes, the surf boards are involved in designing procedures. Thus shaping the Surfboards involves a huge concentration and ideal procedures while manufacturing. Only then, the normal boards will turn into magical boards, which in turn decide the success of the surfers.