Some Types of Screen Doors that Help Protect Against Pests and Insects

Insects and pests are a big problem, especially during evening hours. You might have a family, elderly people or children at home, whom you will want to save against these insects. For this reason, it is very important to have insect screens installed for all doors and windows. Fly screens keep the insects and pests away and also protect you against deadly mosquito and pests borne diseases. The screens contribute to your overall health and safety. While there are different kinds of screens for different doors, you might have to check with a professional before getting one installed for your door.

Some door types are more suited to control pest infestations than others. Some screens are visibly grey in colour, while some are almost invisible. Before you go ahead to buy one for your doors, you should consider gathering more information on the screen doors and their types. Here are some types of screen doors that help protect against pests and insects.

Door Bottoms and sweeps

Some screen doors have a steel or aluminium bottom to seal the space between the door and the frame. This way, even if you have a stylish door, the screen and the strong bottom will prevent any pest from crawling in. Some doors also have sweeps below. These again act as an excellent protector. They cover gaps even further, in case the Aluminium bottom is unable to do so.

Invisible screen doors

Some doors have invisible screens installed. Invisible doesn’t really mean not visible at all, but almost resemble glass. They are made up of clear glass fibre, metal wire or synthetic fibre. They are so light in colour that the doors never really seem to have a screen installed at all. These are excellent in keeping pests away die to the type of material used in creating the screens.

Retractable screen doors

If you have a very large door or window, you need not worry about getting the right type of screens for it. You can check for retractable screens. These can fit any size. Retractable screen doors are again very effective as the screens exactly fit the door. There’s no gap and no chance for any insect to come in. The doors are well covered with a screen – which is not possible for regular doors as some gap might be left even if you buy the best fitting screen for the door.

Sliding doors

Security screens naturally act as a barrier between your room and the insects. Sliding doors with screens fit in perfectly with the frame, locking firmly and not letting any insect come in. The structure is such that once the door is shut, the pests will not be able to crawl in.

In-swing/ Out-swing doors

Doors opening outwards or inwards are very common in lot of households. These doors too, when combined with insect screens, are very effective in protecting against pests and insects. These doors do not leave a lot of gap when closed. Also, while opening, you can open only enough to let yourself or someone out or in.

Regular pest inspection is also a must to keep other pest like termites away from your home.