Ski Tubes – Should you repair for your next adventure?

If you try using bad shaped tubes when you are skiing, you will find that they are getting difficult to tow. The tubes may get submerged putting you in a dangerous position.

This happens because the tubes have been left in the sun for too long. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight distorts the shape of the air bladder, especially if the bladder is already under pressure from over inflation. If the ski tubes are misshapen they are never going to return to their original shape so it’s better that you replace them.

How to ensure that your ski tubes have a long life?

Dry out the tubes thoroughly at the end of every season. For convenience, you can start drying the tubes when they are inflated. If there is moisture in the tubes prior to storage then there is the chance of mould or mildew forming on it. You should store the ski tube at a place that is safe against vermin infection.

The tubes should be thoroughly cleaned with warm water and detergent so that the dirt is washed away. Resist from the use of harsh detergents otherwise the nylon cover might get damaged.

Never leave the ski tube in harsh sunlight as the sun will spoil the shape of the air bladder. It’s better to place the tubes in a shaded area for drying. Even with all this care you will probably have to replace your tubes at the end of every 4th or 5th water skiing season.

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