Simple Yet Wonderful Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most used areas in our house. With this being said, it is necessary give it an utmost importance when renovating it. What follows are some of the ideas that you can do.

Change old, broken and slippery tiles

Remove outdated tiles from your bathroom. After a period of time, some tiles lose their lustre, which gives a gloomy look to your bathroom. Your tiles may also become slippery and dangerous. Change them and fix new ones. The sheen on your tiles can also be regained by polishing them.

Change your old curtains

Match the colours of accessories in your bathrooms. Keep the colour of shower and cabinet curtain the same. The colour of the curtains should be in contrast to the colour of the wall. Curtains with small floral designs add a soothing aesthetic touch. If your surroundings look cheerful, you will feel good, too

Make it more organized

Don’t spread your toiletries around the sink; it looks messy and congested. Arrange your bathing essentials in a vanity kit, which you can store below the sink. Keep an attractive stand for your toothbrush and toothpaste. If you want to experiment a little, you can keep your things on the steps of a small ladder, fixed to the wall in the corner of a bathroom. Just ask your carpenter to make it for with odd pieces of wood that he has.

Give lighting an extra thought

Bathroom renovation should also include adequate lightings for a fresh feel. Your lights should be bright and centred around the mirror; because that is one place you will be using most often.  Fix lights on both the top ends of the mirror so that they will illuminate your face. You can also opt for mood lighting.

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