Simple Ways to Avoid Forklift Accidents

Thanks to the ready collection of videos available online, most warehouse managers and business owners have witnessed horrific accidents by forklifts. Safety coordinators should be aware of the many ways that forklift operators have been the cause of injury both to themselves and others. Every ware house, distribution centre, dock, construction site or business site should have adequate safety protocol to prevent the occurrence of accidents. Here are some ways you can prevent accidents by forklifts.

Proper certification of operators

It’s really unethical if a business owner or a manager doesn’t feel the need of having their business operators undergo safety courses. People who have only had experience in driving heavy vehicles shouldn’t be allowed to drive forklifts without any safety training. Operators need to know the basic ways by which forklifts can be handled.

Even operators who are well versed in the handling of forklift should be given annual refresher courses to keep their skills updated. Top industrial survey reveals that forklift operators who are trained in safety regulations are 80% more unlikely to cause accidents. The operators should undergo proper forklift trainings.

Keep a tab on the top speed

There should be a strict limit on the top speed of the forklift when used inside the warehouse. The total area of the warehouse and the concentration of people working there should be the determining factor while deciding the top speed of the forklift. If a high sped forklift is driven though congested warehouses then hundreds of lives will be in danger. An engineer and a forklift technician should be kept in charge of determining the top speed. Can’t afford to buy forklift yet?

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