Signs You Need for Dental Braces

A lot of people are not born with the best set of teeth, but thankfully the advancement in dental care has provided a solution for all to obtain and maintain a perfect set of teeth. One such technique adopted by dentists is dental braces. To achieve a perfect smile or for a healthy mouth, whatever the reason may be, dental braces can help you correct the alignment of your teeth and flash an endearing smile.

Here are some signs that may help you decide if you need dental braces.

To Minimise the Gaps between Teeth

If you or your children are suffering from excessive gaps or spacing between teeth, it is advisable to get dental braces. They will reduce the gaps between your teeth and eliminate issues like food getting stuck in those spaces. Gaps between teeth can arise due to habits such as thumb sucking during childhood. This can cause the teeth to overcrowd in certain regions and space out in others. All this misalignment can be corrected using braces. If left untreated, these gaps can result in gum disease.

To Correct Overbite Condition

Overbite is a condition in which the front teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth. In such cases while smiling the upper front teeth cover the lower teeth. A slight condition of overbite is common in occurrence and needs no rectification by braces.

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To Rectify an Underbite Condition

Similar to an overbite, this condition involves the bottom front teeth extending beyond the upper front teeth. This condition necessitates a rectification using braces.