Ship Your Belongings When Moving To Australia

International shipping through sea has become extremely affordable with the introduction of containerization. Under this system, huge containers on cargo ships are hired by single or multiple individuals and since transportation is done in bulk; the costs too come down significantly.

Containers are leased out at fixed rates irrespective of season or market demand. This means that hiring charges remain fixed so that you can plan your shipping budget well in advance.

In fact, sending goods in bulk through containers is one of the most preferred methods used by immigrants all over the world for sending their belongings to their new home at really affordable rates. In case all your belongings don’t occupy the entire container, you can always rope in others and share the costs accordingly.

Availing of UPE Concessions

You can make further savings on shipping costs by trying to get concessions under the Australian government’s UPE scheme. According to this scheme, all personal belongings such as clothes; furniture; books; appliances etc are classified as Unaccompanied Personal Effects (UPEs).

UPEs are considered as special category items and you can reclaim them from the customs without having to pay hefty import duty, GST or other charges and taxes (that are commonly paid while claiming imported articles from the customs).

Contact a reputable shipping company that will be moving your belonging in order to get the relevant forms for applying for UPE concession. You will have to submit proof of ownership of the goods and the fact that you have been using such items regularly for more than twelve months prior to your departure to Australia.