School Excursions – Organizing and Optimizing

Students will tend to learn more, when they will not be baffled about various locations in the museum. Provide all the kids with museum guide map, and ask them to locate various places in the map such as toilets, short cut ways, entry and exit.

As there are various exhibitions taking place in the museum simultaneously, ask them to locate the exhibition in the map, which they are intending to attend in the school excursions.

Make a Timetable

Make a timetable and spread it among all the children. Its human psychology, they tend to learn more, when they are bound with time.

Timetable should include the time for leaving from school to museum, the time to be spent in museum, time for lunch and refreshment, time for coming back to school etc. Besides that, they should know the names of all the teachers and adult members accompanying them in the trip.

Inside the Museum

In the museum, there should be at least one adult with the children to make sure that they are learning most from the NSW school excursions. There is free entry of one adult person in special conditions such as, peculiar student, four students of pre or primary school, ten secondary students.

To avoid chaos in the gym, tell all the students to use stairs for reaching to another level within the museum. Children are likely to be boisterous in the museum, so make sure that the adult supervisor maintains proper order in the museum.

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