Safety Measures you Must Follow on Bucks Day

Bucks day or the day when bachelors have fun the most, before they enter into their wedding bliss, can be happening and exciting. You may be the guy’s best friend or the best man of the groom and would want to make the day memorable and enjoyable. But in the process of making it the most amazing day, you might also want to take a few safety measures which will make your bucks day the best day of the grooms life.

Do not choose a place where you may bump into your fiancé or her family members

It is the groom’s day and nothing makes it more fun than sharing it with your group of best buddies. You would not like to be completely drunk and misbehave in front of your fiancé or her family, who may tend to have a different perception when they see you in the drunken state. You make your decisions for the night and choose a place where you can be assured that your fiancé and her family would not be around. You surely would not love to play cards instead of partying to your favourite tunes.

Say no to group tattoos

It might look very cute and as a bond of strong friendship when you’re in full spirits, but a group tattoo which is similar looking may give a chance for many gay and straight clubs to put you right out of your partying mood. Avoid getting tattoo which matches with your buddies and do not give a chance for the clubs to ask you your identity.