Right Time for Floor Sanding and Polishing

While you are planning to renovate your house, you must know that which thing to do first and which in the last. Always remember that complete all the renovation before you start the floor sanding and polishing. This practice can help you save your floor from the potential damage. If you will do the floor work in the start of the home renovation, you can end up with the damaged floor. And their repairing can be costly for you. During the renovation never listen to anyone. Complete all the other renovation first and then start you floor sanding and polishing.


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If you will do the floors in the end, you can easily call for the professionals who can do the flooring and sanding of the floors. They will remove the upper layer of your floor and will add sand to it. This will help you in getting a leveled floor and due to this the people who will be renovating your kitchen will ask you to do the flooring first before they can install the machinery in the kitchen. The kitchen needs to be level before any sort of installation but you can to be careful with it as while installing the machines they can damage the floor. So always try to do the floor work in the end.

Anyhow, once the floor is leveled with the help of the sand, the next step comes is the polishing of your floor. Before you move ahead with polishing you must do the cleaning and buffing of your floor. This will help you get a more shiner floor.

In cleaning all the dust and stains will be removed from the floor, even if there are sand marks on the floor, they will also be removed. Then a buff solution will be applied all over the floor, this will help you get a shine on the floor and help in getting a better layer of polish on your floor. In the end the polish will be applied on the floor. This polish will be evenly spread on the floor and will help you get a shinning floor.

Once you are done with floor sanding and polishing, give time to your floor so that it can dry and then you can bring your furniture over it. While you are bringing your furniture back, you must make sure that you are carrying your furniture carefully without damaging the floor. If the floor gets damage you may have to spend dollars in its repairing.