Reasons Why Website Video Production is an Awesome Feature

Do you own an online business? If yes, then you’d probably thinking of incorporating a website video production. This idea is an awesome marketing tool because online shoppers are more drawn to watching videos than reading texts. There is nothing like a platform that is as powerful as a website video production Sydney. This is the best way that you can get traffic on your website. Why? Because no matter how beautiful the words are, no matter how easy the texts are to understand, online shoppers will still choose watching videos over reading texts.



Texts are only one-dimensional. They can only see but not hear. The videos provide a triple threat because it touches on the sense of sight- the online shoppers can see you ( through your actors and actresses) and read the texts and at the same time it touches on the sense of hearing. They can hear your voice through the actors and actresses on the website video production. Plus, they can hear pleasing music that can touch on their emotional side. The online shoppers can see the body language of the actors and the actresses on the website video production. The body language is much more powerful than any medium. The body language speaks the truth and that is what online shoppers are looking for-the truth in advertising.

The link between profit and website video production

Search engines can find you faster if you have videos. YouTube is owned by Google and you have You Tube videos on your website, then Google won’t have a hard time looking for you. Now if the search engines find you,  plus you have an exceptional video production, then online shoppers can share your website video production by just one click of a ‘like’. The more ‘likes’ you have, the bigger the chance that the video production would trend. Trending leads to traffic and traffic leads to online sales. Now that is the link between profit and website video production.

The question is how to make an exceptional video production. The rule of thumb is to make it short yet rich in contents. If online shoppers are turned-off by reading texts, they are also turned-off with long website video production. You can make a short video without compromising contents. Plus, of course, study the personality of your target market in order to have an emotional link with them.