Reasons why long-term separation is not the same as divorce legally

Pairs are made in heaven as a very famous proverb. Marriage is a noble institution that binds to people together, for a good reason. However, for some of them, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue that relation due to the differences created between them. Situation becomes so intense that they decide to part their ways from each other. Normally this makes the foundation for a divorce. Though there is an alternative path that you can take to save your marriage. It is called long-term separation.

Marital status is retained

Marriage is meant to hold people together by giving them a married status. While a divorce filing will take away that marital status, long-term separation will retain it. This is one of the most striking differences between separation and divorce. A couple may decide to live without each other but may not want to let go off that marital status. Long-term separation is the legal way out for them. It gives them time to think over the aftermath of a legal divorce. They may always come together again after the separation duration is over officially.

Religious sentiments are taken care of

In some religions, divorce is considered to be forbidden. It is considered to be against the fundaments of the religion. Legal separation will allow the couple to live separate lives and maintain their marital status so that the centiments of the relegion are not hurt and the couple isn’t exluded from the society or community.

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