Protecting Your Digital Antenna from Animals

Digital antenna is becoming popular nowadays. Installation of it requires technical knowledge of professional digital antenna Installers. However, remember that  installation of a digital antenna is not the end of the work. Keeping it intact is another task especially against the animals. What follows are some of the ways on how you can protect your antenna.

Wrap your antenna

To ensure that small animals don’t climb your antennas very often, wrap it with aluminium. Cover four feet of the rod from base with it. As aluminium does not have enough grip, animals may find it difficult to climb. They will not try climbing on slippery things and the antenna will be safe. Applying oil on the end of the rod may also be helpful.

Cut hanging branches

Get rid of overhanging branches or trees as these branches can be a way for small animals or reptiles on your house top. They may the start using your digital antenna to climb on the tree regularly. This becomes a regular procedure which can affect the TV signals. So, to ascertain that you get good signals, chop those branches.

Get rid of woodpeckers

Before the breeding season, as a part of their territorial drumming behaviour woodpeckers usually peck on metals. They may end up pecking your antenna too. That is why you must pad the antenna with soft material.

Keeping your terrace, balcony or roof top clean is also helpful. If there are wood, metal or broken pieces of plastics, they automatically become a place for these animals and birds to settle. Birds also perch on rags left behind. So keeping the place tidy is a major step in discouraging animals to reside there. This may in return ensure that the digital antenna does not move frequently. Hence, you may get the antenna in position and without any damage on your return from the holiday.