Professional Carpet Cleaning Process

Depending upon the material of carpet, their cleaning method must be different. If you have soft carpet, then cleaning process are different and if you are using hard carpets then it’s different too. Carpet cleaning needs attention and soft hand to clean. Basically technicians give carpet natural and healthy cleaning but you can do it also. But in order to give you information about process we are discussing carpet cleaning process below.

1. Pre Inspection: In this step, carpet cleaners Sunshine Coast will come to your home and inspect the parts of the carpet that need cleaning and then according to the material and condition the will clean it with different solutions and remedies.

2. Pre-Spray: After the inspection, the hard or sticky material on your carpet or stubborn stain like oil, grease and sugar, for this kind of cleaning they apply their soil lifting formula which breaks down the dirt and prevent the carpet to absorb any more dirt and bacteria. By applying this formula hard material loosen their grip from carpet. After cleaning they rinsed the carpet with their carpet cleaning machine.

3. Deodorizing: For odors or stains caused by your pets, deodorizing is applied to the carpet. This step will eliminate the odor and stains. It will remove odor producing bacteria and make your carpet fresh and clean.

4. Moving House Furniture: For doing pre spray and allow them to go deep and do their action the cleaner will move furniture carefully or place some protective blocks in order to prevent your carpet from any more furniture stains. By moving furniture during carpet cleaning, will make process faster and carpet will dry properly after cleaning.

5. Hot Water Extraction: After pre spray, they use hot extraction or steam cleaning with the help of carpet cleaning machine. By this method they will extract your carpet so it will stay clean longer and stay soft. High powered machine do better cleaning.

6. Remaining Spot Treatment: After doing all above steps, spots that still remains on carpet will be clean by technician and every possible solution or cleaning method will be apply to only affected area.

7. Carpet Protection: If your carpet is almost new or in a good condition then do use carpet protector for increasing your carpet life and to prevent your carpet for any new stains or spots.

8. Post Inspection: They will make you inspect all parts of the home to see yourself their carpet cleaning and they clean traffic areas of your home thoroughly.