Pressure Cleaning Process – Tips to Ensure Worker Safety

For your own safety and those of others, always use gadgets like sockets and extension cords as specified in the owner’s manual. Be aware of all electrical connections in the vicinity of the surface you are about to wash. Avoid such connections and wires scrupulously as any stray water hitting the live lines can electrocute you instantly. Even if you have insulated yourself properly, somebody else might get injured on touching such wet wires.

Always wear Protective Gear

It is absolutely essential for you to use special protective safety gear while performing pressure cleaning with pressure pumps. Use eye protection to prevent flying debris removed by the spray from hitting your eyes. Use ear protection to protect your ears from the high decibel noise emitted by the pump and spray. Wear proper outer gear to protect yourself from getting wet and non-slip shoes to prevent skidding while working around the wet slushy area.

Be Extra Cautious while using Pressure Pumps

During pressure cleaning, the water flows out at extreme high pressure and can easily cause a lot of damage to the surface it hits. This includes your own body so never direct the water spray at yourself (for rinsing after all that cleaning). Take care to ensure that the spray of water does not hit an animal or a passerby. Water spray flowing from the pump is powerful enough to rip the skin and cause permanent damage to the area it hits. Always test the water on a small portion of the surface to be cleaned to see how it affects the surface paint or other attachments to the surface.