Precautions to take as a Parent when you Allow your Child to Skate on the Roads

When you buy your child a pair of roller skates, you wish them fun times ahead. But as a parent, you always need to be on the lookout; even when your child is having fun. As open spaces and areas where children can play diminish in our cities, children have to increasingly take to the roads to find spaces to play. In such cases, how do you make sure that your loved one is safe at all times? Read below for safety instructions you absolutely must follow while letting your child roller skate outside.

Make sure your child has adequate protective gear such as:


They are an absolute must! Any outdoor sports store would carry helmets specially designed for skating and skateboarding. If you cannot find one, a bicycle helmet would do better than nothing.  Skating and bicycle helmets protect the lower back of the head, and protect the wearer in case of a backward fall.

Make sure the helmets fit properly. Too large helmets can come off during the ride. Tighten the helmet by using the chin straps under the helmet.

Protective Pads

Knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards are a must for any skater. They protect you from a host of minor injuries like cuts and scrapes which are de rigueur while roller skating. Knee and elbow pads should be made of a hard plastic shell so that they can absorb impact and have some sort of cushioning material filled inside so that they can offer protection during a fall. Wrist guards should be made of strong material that will hold a wrist in pace in case of a fall and prevent wrist sprains.